Find Out All You Need to Know About Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are one of the fantastic inventions to grace the culinary realm! The kitchen equipment is always there to serve, from pizza parties to hearty get-togethers with loved ones. And the icing on the cake? They aren't just limited to pizzas! Read along and learn all the important details about pizza ovens.



What are Pizza Ovens

 A pizza oven is a kitchen machine that utilizes either power or wood fire to cook pizzas and other meals. They generally feature built-in grilled ovens that bake foods to perfection. The appliance works by exposing raw food to scorching heat or temperatures. There are different types of pizza ovens, and they include:


  1. Brick Pizza Oven

Traditional and heart-warming are the words that come to mind when brick pizza ovens are mentioned. The oven has features that deliver the classic Italian pizza. It uses the age-long wood-fire technique to generate optimum heat or temperature.


The incredible, vintage appliance can attain temperatures as high as 700–1000-degree Fahrenheit. The technology is simple, straightforward and uncomplicated. It is the go-to pizza oven for those looking for a feel of the traditional Italian Pizzeria!


  1. Pizza Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are second to none when it comes to cost and energy-efficient ovens. They save both time and money without compromising pizza quality. The oven can be used in both residential and commercial applications


 To conserve energy, the oven circulates air in the oven's interior, which evens the temperature. As such, the oven's internal environment maintains a low temperature. Thus, you get an evenly cooked pizza or food product at no extra cost.



  1. Pizza Deck Ovens

Although they lack the look and feel of Brick Pizza Ovens, they deliver nearly the same authentic taste. The oven's shelves are made of stone—a gas or electric burner powers the oven.


 Due to its high-temperature offerings (between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit), pizza deck ovens are miles ahead of the competition. However, Brick Oven pizzas remain undefeated in this range.


  1. Conveyor Ovens

These are powerful pizza ovens utilized by big-name and large-scale pizza companies. The generally humongous machines feature a gas or electric burner that powers the range to a specific temperature.


It is also engineered with a conveyor belt that transports pizzas from the beginning to the end of the cooking process. Conveyor ovens are built to serve large-scale pizza production, hence their mechanizations. They are convenient and efficient to the tee.



 What can you Cook in a Pizza Oven besides Pizza?

As aforementioned, pizza ovens aren't limited to pizza production. You can cook plenty of things in a pizza oven besides pizza. Here are some finger-licking and mouth-watering meals you can make in a pizza oven.



  1. Barbeque Ribs

There's nothing quite like juicy and flavourful barbeque ribs. A fantastic meal that makes for fine dining, barbecue ribs are ditching off the grill racks for smoking hot pizza ovens. The result is a burst of flavours, spice and heat!


Because they initially require lots of heat to cook, pizza ovens, especially wood-fired ovens, make the perfect candidate for these one-of-a-kind meats.



  1. Seasoned Potato Chips

Potato chips might be the last thing you'd imagine for a pizza oven. But as unbelievable as it sounds, pizza ovens make a better job of potato chips than your frying pan ever could.


A sprinkle of salt and cracked pepper is all it takes to get some crunchy and crispy potato chips from a pizza oven. You can also exploit different seasonings, herbs and oils for a unique and flavourful taste.


  1. Roasted Summer Vegetables

If you are using a wood-fired pizza oven, there's a hidden gift you are yet to discover! The scorching red-hot coals left from a baking session are too useful to be ignored. This is why you should transform them into a bed for your vegetables.

Wrap your veggies in foil and season with herbs and spices. Then place the flavour-rich veggies on the bed of charcoal. You will get a smoky and sweet vegetable combination that will make your taste buds dance with joy!


  1. Smokey Sourdough

Smoky sourdough is a slice of heaven! Prepare your dough and place it on a dish. Then transfer to a pizza oven and bake at a temperature of 320-350f. Let the sourdough bake for about 40 minutes.


Once it is hollow at the bottom, you are ready to enjoy smoky sourdough, a hot, fresh and flavour-packed bread like no other! See, a pizza oven is fantastic!



  1. Camembert

Yes, cheese also goes in a pizza oven. The end product is an indescribable treat for your appetite. To begin, set up the foil on a tray. Then, cut the lid of the camembert. Next, position the cheese in the middle of the tray and garnish with your desired ingredients. 


Here comes the best part; transfer the tray to a pizza oven and bake at 350f. If you are short on time or can't wait to devour the delectable dish, you can cover the cheese with foil.


 A pizza oven is a piece of multipurpose kitchen equipment with a proven track record. It is worth its salt and will give you a good run for your money!