As the main epicentre of many homes, the living room needs to be comfortable and welcoming. Thanks to the Danish concept of "hygge"—a state of cosiness and contentment—cosy sitting room ideas mean something different to all of us. For some, it's downright trendy-chic and comfy, and for others, soft, comforting textures or simple, rough shapes. You can fine-tune your living room into a multi-functional space where you'll be happy to retreat. In this post, we'll look at how to add comfort and cosiness to your living space, focusing on natural sheepskin beanbags.


Sheepskin Beanbags

Sheepskin beanbags are a great way to add comfort and cosiness to any living space. They're handy if you don't have the room for an armchair or sofa but still want somewhere to sit down and relax.

In the 1960s, sitting rooms was nothing without a slouchy bean bag lounger. Bean Bags pop up in blogs, social media, and many modern homes everywhere, looking relaxed and effortless. It's fair to say beanbags are making a solid comeback.

In the 1960s, sitting rooms were incomplete without a lounging bean bag chair. Bean Bags pop up in blogs, social media, and many modern homes everywhere, looking relaxed and simple. It's fair to say beanbags are making a solid comeback.

Of course, the sheepskin beanbags of today are quite different from those of the 60s. Beautiful natural materials, eye-catching patterns and muted colours make for chairs that read artistic rather than drab. It's no wonder these slightly bizarre furniture pieces are back in such a big way—and with good reasons. They are irresistibly comfortable but also one of the most transportive furniture pieces.


Styling Your Living Room

Whether you're working in a large living room or smaller apartment space, creating a sitting area where you sleep requires a few new ideas and a simple, beautiful design. 

Consider your existing space and find the area that could use some well-designed furnishings for lounging. Nothing's better than crisp white in a small space. You'll want to go Scandinavian on the walls, complemented with streamlined modern pieces and a statement mirror to make your small room look larger.

Jenn says Arthur Cameron's luxury "sheepskin beanbags" and rugs are famous for their ability to encourage lounging. She says the aim is to promote bringing family and friends together in a warm and inviting space. She adds: "People to be able to have a good time, kick back and relax".

One or more sheepskin beanbags will take the chill off your bones. It offers a place to pause and reflect away from the noise for a solo dreamer. For groups, it's a light, comfortable seating option that can be easily positioned to maximise your fun.

A fireplace structure itself has the same effect, says James. "If you're lucky enough to have one of those, arrange your furniture to face the fireplace and enjoy a cosy night, especially throughout those cooler months." James also stated that the living room is the perfect place to showcase conversation pieces, "special artworks, stacks of favourite books, modern organic planter, vignettes of small items of importance and treasured family photos".




What sheepskin accents should I add to make my sitting room cosier?

This is one of the most rewarding parts of creating your space. Focus on interior design components that combine timeless décors, such as sheepskin cushions, throws, or rugs, to ensure your sitting area exudes comfort and style.


sheepskin cushion adds extra comfort and style to any living room. Pillows are not just decorative – they make it easier to relax in an armchair or on the sofa by providing extra support for the back and neck. The skin adds some colour and texture. It also helps keep warm air inside the cushion, making it an excellent choice for cold climates. This makes it ideal for placing on sofas, chairs and window seats where people often spend much time sitting down.


A throw is a piece purely designed to look good and keep you warm. It's not just for decoration; it's also functional! You could use a throw as an accent on your living room to match some of the other items. An eco-friendly throw can help you relax and unwind after a long day at work or school and provide warmth during colder months. It can also add a little bit of texture to your sitting chair in the corner of the room.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin area rug helps to define a space and unifies the room. You don't need to cover every inch of flooring in your home with rugs (but if you want to go all out, by all means!). When choosing an area rug for your living room, try not to let it dominate the entire space — instead, use it as an accent piece that highlights others. So, choosing one as large as your space will allow is a great idea.

How do you add a seating area in a small living room?

Simple! Opt for a sheepskin smaller rug to serve as a foundation for your seating area, like a double. Whether on the floor or draped over a bench seat at the end of your natural sheepskin beanbags or on a statement chair, the details and accents create the seating area, no matter what size your room is. 

Creating instant cosiness is about getting suitable seasonal layers and updating them as the seasons' change. For example, change cushions to fresher, brighter colours in summer, and choose floaty throws in linen and soft blues. In winter, go for texture and warmth in your colour palette, like chunky throws and earthy tones.