There's nothing quite like spending time with nature from the comfort of a patio!
The patio represents a sanctuary from long and weary days. It is a haven for our exhausted bodies and the conduit to relaxation. As such, it is only fitting that we honour the patio with premium decorative touches. Because the more beautiful and functional the patio, the happier we are! One such premium decorative accent that can take our patios to a whole other level is outdoor rugs!

Why do you need Outdoor Rugs for your Patio

An excellent outdoor rug ties your décor together beautifully. It enhances the ambience of the patio and maximizes functionality. It is the one decorative element that makes your patio more inviting and practical. On top of this, an outdoor rug helps shield your patio against dirt and other external debris or residue.

An outdoor rug can also protect your patio's wood or stone surface from scuffs and scratches (courtesy of furniture legs). This is a good thing in itself because it ensures your hard-earned investment against unwanted damages. Imagine spending millions of dollars to set up a patio and having to spend another great deal of money on maintenance! That will be financially disastrous. Hence, it is wise to invest in well-crafted outdoor rugs.


What to do before Buying an Outdoor Rug

 Yes, you can't wait to shop and bring home a fabulous outdoor rug to finish off your patio. But it would be best if you ascertained the space limit of the rug before shopping. It will be utterly unfortunate if you end up buying a rug that is several inches larger or smaller than your patio floor. Thus, to choose the best rug for your patio, you need to follow these two rules:

Leave 18 inches of space

Make sure you leave 18 inches of space to serve as a border. Otherwise, the rug will be overshadowed by other decorative elements on your patio and won't shine. So, create a barrier to enjoy some spotlight for your outdoor rug.


Leave 24 inches around a table

If your patio includes dining tables, you should allow 24 inches around the tables. This is to ensure easy navigation and movement. Each time you dine, you don't want to struggle or cause unsightly indentations on your rug. The extra space also serves to protect your floor against scraping dining chairs and tables.

Decorating your Patio with an Outdoor Rug

Get inspired by these outdoor rug styling ideas and watch your patio shine like a thousand sparkling stars:

Take a Step back in time

Embrace vintage-themed outdoor rugs for a retro vibe. An outdoor rug like the Multicolored 'Osprey' Traditional Floral Cotton Rug serves the right amount of "vintage" without going overboard. The Jacquard is woven in cotton chenille, signifying excellent craftsmanship. A vintage-inspired rug on your patio adds a look and feel that is better experienced than imagined.

Tone down the Colours

Patios are almost always a blend of textures and colours. But this exciting combination can become overwhelming over time. So, if you are looking to water down the burst of colours and textures in your patio, you should consider getting a neutral-tone textured rug. A neutral rug paired with colourful accents transforms your patio from loud and busy to bohemian and fabulous. The Beige' Cayana' Geometric Textured Knitted Viscose Rug is an excellent place to start!

Embrace Cool and Refreshing Blues

It doesn't matter if you are in a middle of a sweltering summer; a blue rug, like the Blue Patterned' Glenside’ Modern Indoor/Outdoor PET Rug, can make your patio feel calm and refreshing. Blue is a naturally calming colour, evident in the colour of the sky and sea. So, if you want your patio to feel like the beach or remind you of the sea, then consider a blue-themed outdoor rug.

Add a Splash of Colour

If your patio is shrouded in neutral colours, it’s time to spice things up! While a neutral décor is safe and subtle, a pop of colour can make all the difference. One way to incorporate colour into a neutral-themed patio is by introducing a multicoloured outdoor rug. The Multicolored ‘Nowgam’ Patterned Cotton Woven Rug is a good case in point. It features bold and cool colours paired against a neutral backdrop. The rug creates an exciting contrast that shows off the beauty of a patio without overwhelming or underwhelming the existing décor!

The Takeaway

There is no time like now to give your patio a makeover! Remember, your patio can feel like a sanctuary or a comfort haven, depending on your style. And a big part of that choice includes stylish outdoor rugs. Take the first step to patio renovation by shopping for spectacular outdoor rugs from