Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home policies being implemented by companies have reached an all-time high. While working from home does have its perks (Hello? Wearing your pyjamas to work?), many people who were or are still new to it certainly never anticipate its challenges.

You’re 100% in your comfort zone, making it 100% easy for your productivity to hit an all-time low. So unless you make the necessary changes for the long-term success of your remote work, it could easily become a flop.

The number 1 tip to creating a productive work-from-home environment is having a designated work area. A dedicated area for work that has all the suitable equipment and is free from distractions will not only make your work super easy, but also guarantee that you don’t waste mental energy trying to figure out where you’re going to work each day. You’ll be more eager and motivated to get to work every day when you have a suitable work-from-home environment. If that isn’t the perfect recipe for maximum productivity… there’s no continuation to that sentence because it is the perfect recipe!

Now here’s a list of revolutionary pieces that will change your work-from-home environment into a super productive one.


1. Optimum Storage


The first thing most people will tell you to get for your work-from-home space is a desk and an ergonomic chair. And of course, both of these items are essential for any work environment. However, when it comes to working from home, your workspace tends to get even messier and more cluttered than working from anywhere else. This is because, at the office, the likely condescension of your boss and co workers may force you to stay organised. But at home, who’s going to check you?

A messy and cluttered work environment will always make you less motivated to work. Hence, good storage and organisational solutions are a necessity for keeping the clutter out and your productivity high. Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Dark Grey Lined Wicker Storage Basket Bundle: This storage set is suitable for storing a wide range of items away and out of sight, guaranteeing you zero clutter and ample space to get your work done every day. The lids of these baskets are hinged for quick, non-fuss opening and closing when you need to pick or drop anything. Plus, they’re coloured dark grey—the perfect office vibe colour, but you can find them in more lovely colours at www.arthurcameron.co.uk.
  • Dark Grey Extra Small Wicker Tray: Another organizational must-have is table top storage. This lightweight wicker tray serves as the perfect table top carrier for anything you want out of the way but still within reach. Besides the fitting office dark grey, you can find it in more lovely colours at www.arthurcameron.co.uk


2. Comfort Pieces


While you don’t want to get too comfortable so that you don’t nod off over your work, the right amount of comfort in your environment is key to keeping yourself productive.

A good place to start with work-from-home comfort pieces is cushions. Not only are there a ton of lovely cushion designs that you can place around so that the work vibe is just right, but they’re also a necessity if you’re going to be seated for a long stretch of time. Some of our top-pick cushions for your work-from-home space include the Ivory & Blue Patterned 'Wotton' Cushion, the Bohemian Design Ivory 'Boyce' Cushion, the Grey & Ivory Diamond 'Geyne' Cushion, and the Modern Trellis Eco-Friendly Woven Indoor/Outdoor Cushion in denim blue or warm grey.

Next are beanbags. Unless you work in an office where naps are encouraged, beanbags aren’t something you often find in a workplace. However, sometimes your desk chair just won’t cut it for the kind of long hours or level mindset that you need to execute your tasks. You’ll be surprised to find that a beanbag is just what you need. We personally recommend the Adult Sheepskin Bean Bag in the style Icelandic and colour Graphite Grey Shorn.

Finally, while working at home, you’ll want to keep yourself super warm and cosy. Keep your body warm with a Modern Trellis Eco-Friendly Woven Indoor/Outdoor Throw (comes in the colours gold, green, rose, natural, warm grey, and sky grey) and your feet warm with a Natural Sheepskin Rug (Double).

3. Good Timing


It is important that you set boundaries for your personal and professional life when working from home. Hence, you need stay conscious of the amount of time you spend working. Once work time is over, you need to put aside anything work-related and revert to home mode.

Now how are you going to be able to keep track of your time effectively without a clock?! Some of our top-pick clocks for your work-from-home space include the Wall Clock With Moving Gears And Marble Face, the 3 Panel Metal & Wooden Wall Clock, and the Round Wooden Wall Clock With Metal Numbers.

4. A Meeting Space


If you ever have to hold a physical meeting in your home, the most ideal place for it would be at your dining table. Therefore, you need a dining area that is suitable enough for your home meeting needs. The Arthur Cameron Grey Round Deluxe 4 Seat Rattan Dining Set is everything and more that you need for a small home meeting and the LA 8 Seat Round Rattan Ice Bucket Dining Set With Lazy Susan is perfect for a slightly larger attendance.


5. Good Home Office Lighting


Your home office lighting needs to be something easy on the eyes yet bright enough so you can work. The Moroccan Ceramic Lamp With Grey Shade is the perfect desk lamp for your home office. Or you could pick up the Grey And Cream Table Lamp With Grey Cotton Shade for something with a bit more attitude.

6. An Office Plant

An office plant helps to increase your productivity and replenish your focus. Generally, workplace happiness is always improved when natural elements are introduced. Air plants make the perfect office plants because they require little sunlight so you don’t have to worry if your workspace isn’t next to a window.

You’ll need a good holder for your air plant like the Cube Air Plant Magnet (comes in the colours blue, olive, orange, white, and yellow) or the Air Plant Hanger - Trio Sunrise Walnut if you prefer more than one plant!


7. Decorations

At the end of the day, what you need is a comfortable workspace that you enjoy going to every day. Hence, you should fill your home office with décor that you like. This will help improve your mood, which can, in turn, keep you inspired and boost your productivity. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home office, so you can put up as many pictures and decorations as you want!

Some of our top-pick decorations for your work-from-home space include the Dual Cube Decorative Accent, Seagull Wall Art, and the Windmill Table Art Small (the cube and the windmill also serve as excellent paperweights!).