Nothing compares to a living room embedded in luxury! It portrays a keen sense of style, elegance and beauty. A touch of luxe in a living room can instantly revitalize the space and uplift the soul. So, whether you’ve caught the “luxe bug” or not, your living room will appreciate some luxury. And not to worry, we’ve got all the angles covered. So, sit back, relax and learn how to incorporate the “wow factor” into your living room (without necessarily breaking the bank)!


Embrace the beauty of Art

Art needs no introduction in the design world! Oversized wall arts are primarily instrumental to the luxurious feel of a room. Large artworks or canvas bring their A-game and will make your living room look incredibly high-end and tasteful. An oversized wall art quickly takes centre stage and draws the eye.


 Wall art aside, scout art pieces for added character and luxe. Let your living room scream artsy and valuable. Stick to three or five works of art so you don’t overwhelm your overall décor. Leave considerable space between each piece to banish clutter. Also, have your eyes peeled for sculptures as they convey luxury the best!



Let There be Light

No matter the theme you are going for, living room lighting is non-negotiable. Every interior recommendation almost always resounds the tremendous impact of lighting, and for a good reason. The proper lighting will infuse your living room with warmth, illumination and aesthetics. It highlights all the luxurious details while also offering luxury! Statement lighting, in particular, is adept at bringing luxe to living rooms.


 There is no shortage of luxe-centred statement lights, from oversized barn lights to vintage sconces to grand chandeliers. The finishing also tells an elegant tale, so consider brass, gold matte finishing's and other distinct details. And here’s a piece of advice; crystal chandeliers and table lamps should be top of your list.



Go Fluffy with a Sheepskin Rug

Fluff and luxury go hand in hand, and there’s no better candidate for fluffy luxury than sheepskin rugs. The animal-oriented rug is a glamorous centrepiece. It not only feels soft to the touch, but it is eye candy for the beholder. You can purchase either a small-sized sheepskin rug or a large one.


 Small sheepskin rugs can be used as a cushion throw or statement centrepiece. At the same time, large sheepskin rugs will fit nicely on the floor and highlight your furniture. However, if you want to make your living room feel bigger, steer clear of small sheepskin rugs as they do the opposite. Stick to larger ones for this purpose. You can get both types of sheepskin rugs from reputable home centric vendors like



Choose a Gorgeous Colour Palette and Interesting Textiles

Update or re-edit your colour palette from boring to eye-catching. Incorporate your favourite colours so your personality can shine through the luxury. You can choose and mix pastels, neutrals or bright and bold colours (whatever suits your taste). Be careful not to overdo the colours, lest you end up with a tacky theme. The fewer colours you work with, the better your colour palette and the more high-end your living room.


 Of course, a luxe living room integrates textiles, textures and patterns. The list is endless, from lush curtains to patterned pillows to metallic vases… the list is endless. Play with textures and patterns for a customized look that suits your style. Combine glass, metal, wood, and leather objects for the perfect luxe finish. If your living room encompasses neutral colours, incorporate bold-coloured materials and patterns to create an exciting contrast.




Accessorize with Candle Stick Holders

Candlestick holders are a classic yet underrated decorative item that adds much-needed luxury to a room. They have both an aesthetic and a practical function. These minimalist items might look unassuming but have incredible decorative power. They come in handy for intimate or romantic settings and augment your central lighting.


 Today’s candlestick holders like the Aluminium Silver Slimline Candle Stick Holder have a redefined design yet retain the classic look. It is handcrafted with a quality aluminium cast material and hand-finished with precision. It is the perfect addition to a luxe living room. You can find a delectable selection of similar candlestick holders here!


 Bonus Decorative Tips and Ideas for the Luxe Living Room

  • Aim for a minimalist and uncluttered design. Too many decorative elements can jeopardize your luxe goal.
  • Bring nature to your living room for a refreshing finish. Accessorize with houseplants and potted flowers.
  • Invest in mirror walls and antique pieces for a timeless look
  • Upgrade your throw pillows to match the season or your mood. Consider swapping the position of your throw pillows from the couch to the chaise lounge or the armchair.


  • Create a vignette with a collection of similar pieces. The vignette can be a collection of travel mementoes or family heirlooms. You can position your unique collection on the coffee table or atop the console.