Every year 18th of June is celebrated as National Picnic Day. It is a day to encourage people to greet, meet, have fun outdoors and enjoy a hearty meal in nature with other people. It is a day we, the human creature, have been eating outside along nature for centuries. In the early days, people used to go on a picnic to escape from their daily lives. 


History of International Picnic Day

The history of International Picnic Day is not well documented. It's thought that the tradition began in England during the Victorian era and was brought to America by British immigrants.

The true origin of Picnic Day remains unknown. Still, it can be traced back to the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. This day is also marked by various charity events and school picnics.

Picnics have been around since ancient times. The ancient Romans enjoyed a picnic with their friends, family members, and enslaved people. The word "picnic" comes from "pick," which means to eat small amounts of food at various times throughout the day.

The first recorded use of "picnic" was in 1744 when Samuel Johnson used it in his dictionary as an adjective meaning "daintily cooked."

International Picnic Day is coming up!

We've all heard the phrase that life is no picnic. Still, with lazy summer or spring in the air, it's time to rethink that breeze means a meal is eaten under the open sky, touching the green grass under your feet, having cool air kissing your hair, or simply cuddling, with your favourite person! 

This meal harkens back to mid-century Britain when all you needed to dine al fresco was a loaf of bread, some cheese, fruit, wine, and other essentials. You had a party outdoors under the sky, virtually anywhere with any old table or chair. And food usually tastes better in the great outdoors for some reason.

You don't live close to a park? No problem. Your own garden will do, and if the weather does not, you can always put an outdoor throw on your living room floor. Yes, this casual meal with family and friends invites conversation, relaxation and eating with your fingers. So grab some seasonal produce, spread it on a  rug or tablecloth, and get ready to connect with those you love on National Picnic Day.


How to Celebrate Picnic Day

Those who wish to join in the celebration can find many ways to commemorate this delightful day. Consider the following innovative ways to celebrate, or make your own list: 

Join an International Picnic Day Event 

Community boards and social media are excellent sources for local charity events, school picnics, and outdoor events hosted by local parks and museums. If they have one nearby, join in. If not–go ahead and plan it!

Have a Personal Picnic Day?

An excellent way to celebrate International Picnic Day is to walk, bike or hike to a nearby beauty spot or park. You can even just take your sandwiches and cold hard-boiled eggs into the garden with outdoor accessories like throwsrugs and cushions and enjoy a fresco lunch. If you're at work for the day, just take your lunch hour to head out to a patch of grass or park nearby to celebrate.

International Picnic Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Set up a picnic at a local park with your friends. Prepare your meal ahead of time and enjoy dining in the great outdoors.
  • Take a Frisbee or a ball and play sports games after eating.
  • Bring a music player and listen to your favourite music while enjoying the food and conversation.
  • Search on the internet for new food recipes and prepare new easy dishes for your picnic. Make a contest for the best recipe.

Pack everything you'll need ahead of time to ensure you're ready for International Picnic Day. There will be no last-minute scrambling around to find things like plates or cups when the day arrives!

Get creative, too – pack something special that only those who attend know about (like a secret sausage roll recipe) so everyone has something new and exciting they can look forward to on their picnic blanket.

We hope you enjoy your next picnic! Remember to care for our planet by packing reusable dishes and utensils for your next outdoor meal. And don't forget to pack some sunscreen too! Happy picnicking, everyone!