Candles are a beautiful way to decorate any home. They are an easy way to add colour, light, warmth, and fragrance to complement every room. Candles are often given as gifts for friends and loved ones. However, most candles burn pretty quickly, resulting in the need to purchase more; they are not very affordable in the long term.
Creating a candle yourself is not a complicated process, though it may seem daunting, with a few supplies and a little bit of know-how they are great fun to create. As a bonus, you can control what goes into them. No matter what kind of candle you’re creating, the process is similar. Some supplies can even make the process easier. There are also many options to help make your candles more affordable, allowing you to craft even more candles!
First things first - Gather your supplies.

All candles need three basic components: wax, a wick, and a container. So, whether you’re looking for a pillar candle to sit gracefully upon your candle holder or a tapered candle to light up your next dinner, there’s a simple process to help you out. Check out our contemporary candle holders to see what type of candle you’d like to try crafting.

Some candles require different materials. You’ll want to purchase a mould for a pillar or votive candle to create the perfect shape. Tapered candles for candlestick holders require longer wicks.

After choosing which shape you desire, you’ll have to select a wax. Paraffin is an affordable wax, but it’s not the cleanest burning. Soy wax burns cleaner and is also quite reasonably priced. Beeswax is a little more expensive, but it also lasts longer than other waxes and has a wonderfully subtle honey smell. Tapered candles are usually created with beeswax, but you can also use paraffin wax. If you’d like your candle to burn even longer, you can purchase additives or wax that already has some.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Wicks
  • Double boiler or Bain-marie
  • Spoon
  • Thermometer
  • Skewers or ice lolly sticks

Optional materials:

  • Fragrance or essential oils
  • Dye ingredients


Before you get started, read through the full instructions for making your homemade candles. When you're ready to begin, prep the area where you'll be making your candle and cover the surface with newspaper or a brown paper bag.

1. Place the wick

Before you pour the wax into your chosen mould, place your wick into the appropriate vessel, directly into the centre of the base. This can then be secured with either wax putty or a small amount of melted wax. Be sure to allow the wax to harden before pouring in any further wax.

2. Melt the Wax

Once you’ve got your container or mould and wick prepared, you’ll be ready to melt the wax. You can melt it in a double boiler or a heat-proof container over a pot of boiling water. Your wax temperature ideally needs to be between 65-75 degrees Celsius. Once it’s melted, add your dye and or fragrance if you’ve chosen to use any.

3. Transfer the Wax

Carefully pour the hot wax into the container or mould. Use skewers or ice lolly sticks to help keep the wick in place above the centre of the chosen vessel; this will keep your wick straight until your candle has hardened. Let the wax cool completely; best left overnight and then trim the wick down to size.

No matter the type of candle you’re trying to prepare, the process can take a few tries before you have a candle that satisfies you. Don’t get discouraged if the scent of your candle isn’t as strong as you’d like or there are bubbles on the surface. Keep trying, and you will be a pro at homemade candle-making! Once your candle has cooled for at least 24 hours, trim your wick down to size, light your candle, and enjoy!