Outdoor spaces are fun areas that everyone can enjoy, especially during the warm summer months. If you’re looking to take your garden to the next level this year, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your objective is to add some colour, include furniture, or try out some new techniques there are plenty of ways to take your garden to the next level this season. Keep reading to discover five of the most exciting ways to make the most out of your garden space this summer.

Adding Furniture

What better way to spruce up your garden than to include some trendy outdoor furniture that you can lounge around on? Adding some cosy furniture to your garden this summer will help you take your outdoor space to the next level. Including pouffes and other seating options can be a great way to turn your garden into a peaceful and relaxing gathering space that you can enjoy by yourself or with your family and friends. Whether it be the addition of hammocks, benches, or weather-resistant cushions or pouffes, furniture can help you transform your garden from a nature reserve to a sanctuary space that everyone can enjoy.

Switch Up Your Layout

Another way to give your garden a new look is by spacing out your plants with containers. Planting in containers is a wonderful way to make the most out of your garden space. The best things to care for in containers are plants that tend to take over gardens like herbs, mint, and lemon balm. Although you may not get as big of a yield as you would by planting these in a traditional garden plot, keeping them contained and organized can help you put an edge on your garden.

Add Colour to Your Garden

There are plenty of fun ways that you can add colour to your garden. Whether you include decorations, colourful plants, or anything in between, finding ways to add a pop of colour to your garden can help you make the most of your garden this summer. You can find decorations that suit any type of vibe or aesthetic that you are looking for in your garden. Things like garden gnomes or windmills can be an exciting addition to any garden.

In addition to decorations, planting some colourful florals can be another wonderful way to spruce up your garden this summer. You can do this by adding small planters or flower beds alongside your garden where you can plant colourful foliage like perennials and even cut flowers.

One of the most exciting ways to add colour to your garden this summer is to include plants that attract colourful pollinators such as hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Having these beautiful pollinators scattered throughout your outdoor space can add a lively buzz and a pop of colour to your garden. Pollinators are amazing because they carry pollen on their bodies as they travel from plant to plant which can aid in the reproduction of plants, including fruits and vegetables. Creating a garden that is pollinator-friendly can add many benefits to your outdoor space. The best way to increase the number of pollinators in your garden is by including plenty of plants that are full of nectar and pollen and native to your area. For example, hummingbirds gravitate toward red and orange plants with funnel-shaped flowers that are perfectly shaped for their long, thin beaks such as peony, hibiscus, and coral bells.

Try Out New Techniques

Another amazing way to spruce up your outdoor space this summer is by trying out some new techniques. Including climbing vines can add another dimension to your garden. If you don’t know where to begin with training vine plants, there are plenty of books and resources to help get you started. The easiest way to begin training vine plants to grow vertically is to start with baby sprouts and gently coax them into climbing up trees and other tall objects. Some plants that are great climbers to train are cucumbers, peas, passionflowers, and squash.

Trying out different irrigation methods can be the technique you need to implement in order to take your garden to the next level. One fun method of irrigation is the clay pot method. Clay pots such as ollas will collect water and spread it throughout the surrounding soil. Once the ground surrounding it is effectively watered, the water will collect within the pot instead of overwatering your precious plants.

One exceptionally beneficial technique to try out in your garden is companion planting. Some plants thrive when they are planted next to each other while others don’t do so well. Learning about companion planting and planting complementary plants next to each other can help you produce a better yield out of your garden this summer.

Preserve Food From Your Garden

Another way to make the most out of your harvest is to practice preserving your fruits and veggies. If you aren’t familiar with the technique, preserving is the process of freezing, canning, and dehydrating the fruits and veggies from your garden. This is amazing because it allows your garden to last all year round. Canning is a great way to preserve all sorts of fruits and veggies including tomatoes, pickles, carrots, peppers, and more. Another fun way to make the most out of this year’s harvest is to can your own recipes such as salsa, sauces, and vegetable-based soups. You can also remove the moisture from your fruits and veggies by dehydrating them. Since bacteria need moisture to thrive, drying out the moisture from your harvest can prevent the food from going bad. You can dry out your food using a dehydrator or by baking them in the oven. After you dry out your produce your food will become smaller and more lightweight. When it’s time to consume your food, you can snack on your dried-out fruits and veggies as they are or rehydrate them with water which will return them to their original size, weight, and shape.