Accent décor has the inherent power to transform your home into an interior masterpiece. It adds flawless character and personality to the home whilst highlighting intricate and must-see details. Read on to learn how to use accent décor to make your house a home!

Accent Décor at a Glance

Accent décor is all the pretty little things that define the beauty of your home. They subtly command attention without being obvious. Though they lack the conspicuous visibility offered by more extensive home accessories like rugs and curtains, they permeate your home in warmth and charm.

From vintage trays to vases to candle holders to dainty art… accent décor comes in various styles, colours and shapes. It is no wonder interior designers are obsessed with these pretty little things. A house that is submerged in accents quickly becomes a home! 

Must-use Accent Decorations in a Home

Vases and Containers

Vases are to flowers what makeup is to skin! A flower vase filled with vibrant flowers can transform your space from lacklustre to all-around inviting. Start by shopping for the most beautiful flower vases from stores like, then fill the vases with natural or artificial flowers.

Pay meticulous attention to colours and arrangement when setting up your flower vase. You can also veer off the conventional path by including twigs or budding branches in your flower arrangement. Ceramic containers also make pretty flower containers, so that you can consider those too. Or, if you have a cute basket lying fallow, you can put that to use.

Candles and Candle Holders

Candles have been a massive part of home décor for as long as interior decoration. Candleholders have also joined the family, and most designers leverage the irresistible pieces of craft to amplify the beauty of a home. Their decorative appeal aside, candles add much-needed lighting to a home. And these days, manufacturers have been dousing these luminous delights in various aromatic scents.

You can opt for traditional wax candles or scented candles for your everyday dose of aromatherapy. A scented candle is also the perfect mood elevator for romantic or self-care settings. Say yes to creativity by getting candleholders in creative and unconventional designs — and there are plenty of those in the market!


Trays offer the best of both worlds; they are functional and decorative. You can create a charming vignette with a tray and simultaneously use it to store, organize or transport items. Trays are oh-so-versatile; one minute they are decorative, and the next they serve guests. A tray is the perfect cosmetic and entertainment tool. They are also great at minimizing clutter.

There are a variety of trays in the market that you can use to style your home. These include marble, metal, glass, wood and wicker trays. And thanks to their versatility, you can set up a tray in various places and rooms in your home, including the console, coffee table, dining room, kitchen counter, nightstand, hallway and bathroom vanity. You can style it with items like small books, candles, room sprays or even a precious stone. But try not to overdo it.

Bowls and Boxes

Like trays, boxes and bowls serve multiple functions in a home. They are visually appealing and functional to the core. A decorative box complements just about any space or decorative theme. They bring together your overall décor beautifully. They are dainty and fascinating and eye candy in every sense of the word. You can use a small-sized bowl as a stand-alone decorative tool or a moderate-sized bowl filled with other small yet exciting items.

Boxes are even more functional than bowls. They secure your precious items while exuding elegance and style. They are sold in various sizes so that you can style them as a group. When styling boxes, a good rule of thumb is to set them in a group of 3 or 5. Consider getting your boxes in different sizes for the perfect sync. Boxes in the same size tend to look off and misplaced!

Dainty Arts and Crafts

Small pieces of art channel lots of character and personality. They symbolize style and beauty in every form. While small, they are easy on the eyes and flawlessly command attention. A piece of art may be the one thing you need to complete your home décor. So, when you get that “something is missing” vibe, look no further than a creative filler.

It is good that there is a surplus supply of fun and exciting arts and crafts in the interior market. You can opt for figurines, flowers or geometric patterns with unforgettable details. Explore these pieces as much as you can and want because something will definitely catch your eye!

The Takeaway

Accent decorations are the soul of a house. They bring your house to life and light. A pretty flower vase, a wicker tray, a scented candle, a well-crafted candleholder or a dainty figurine can make your house a home in a heartbeat!