Vases are synonymous with flowers. They complement each other so well that it is nearly impossible to find another container that bears flower arrangements with prominent grace and beauty. But with the myriad of available options on the market, it can be challenging to find the right flower vase for your flowers. But not to worry, this post is all the guide you need to select well-fitting vases for your precious flowers!

Factors to Consider When Buying Flower Vases

There are factors you need to consider when buying flowers. These factors determine the right vase for your flowers, and they include:


The size of a flower vase plays a vital role in flower appearance. You want to make sure that the stems are in sync with the length of the vase. As a florist's rule of thumb, the length of the stem should not exceed two times the size of the vase. You should also factor in the room's dimensions or the vase's designated spot. In addition, you need to learn what flower pairs well with a specific vase.

For instance, bud vases pair well with delicate stems that feature buds and not blooms. Because of their miniature size, they are more suited to sizeable flowers than heavy-weight flowers. The classic round flower vases are the perfect choice for multiple flowers. You can mix a variety of flowers in these vases. Square vases are the ideal choice for dense flower arrangements.

You can fill a square vase up with flowers to lend structure to the vase. Lastly, column vases are reserved for sophisticated flower arrangements with long stems. However, they do not tolerate overcrowding.


Colours make the world go round, and that world includes flowers! When selecting vases for your flowers, you should pay special attention to colouring. You will waste your time, resources and effort if you end up with a vase that doesn't remotely suit the colour of your flowers or your space. Plus, colours impact our mood and energy to a maximum degree, hence the need to select the right colours.

If your décor theme is shades of green, you can combine a white vase with green-coloured flowers. This creates a beautiful contrast and lends fantastic appeal to your space. Suppose you are looking for motivation or inspiration, select vases in warm colours. On the whole, make sure the colour of the vase suits your décor specifications and mood!


The shape of a flower vase is another factor that can make or mar your flower arrangement. You can opt for a short, tall, slim or concave vase depending on your overall décor and personal preference. Choose a cylindrical vase with a tapered neck for tall, slim and elegant flowers. Cylindrical jars accentuate flower buds rather than the vase itself. They are perfect for minimalist décor themes.

If you have tightly packed flowers begging for some space, choose square vases for those tightly packed flowers. Square vases are a breath of fresh air for a close-knit flower bouquet. They also incorporate style into the arrangement and make a gorgeous presentation. And if you want something with plenty of character and style, consider sculptured vases. These variants show off your flower's best features without detracting from the vase itself.


Before choosing or buying flower vases, you need to decide the ambience you pursue. Perhaps you want a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Perhaps, you are looking for a productivity-centred atmosphere. Or maybe you want to bring your imaginations and creativity to life. Whatever your goal, it should take centre stage when shopping for flower vases.

Don't select random vases because they look appealing at the moment. Instead, you should keep your goal in mind and choose vases that suit your interests. For instance, if you are a minimalist at heart, select plain or neutral vases that show off intricate yet simple flower arrangements. If you are into arts, go for sculptured vases that feature animal shapes like this vase from Arthurcameron. And if you are looking to create a relaxed ambience, consider vases with natural elements such as animals and plants.


This boils down to glass and ceramic vases. If you don't want much drama or have simple flowers or bouquets, you should consider ceramic vases. Ceramic vases are durable and beautifully crafted. They are also marketed in different designs and colours, so your options aren't limited.

But if you'd like to display a colourful or distinct flower arrangement, then glass vases are your best bet. They display every detail from the obvious to the not-so-obvious (on this note, stay away from glass vases if you want to conceal flaws or imperfections). Glass vases also maximize space by enhancing the dimensions of a room!

Now you can go shopping armed with the technical and expert know-how to select the suitable vases for your flowers. And if you are looking for an exceptional store that sells unique and durable flower vases and planters, you should check out!