Our bedrooms are like little getaway spots that we don’t need to pay flight tickets to get to. They’re our private little sanctuaries where we can do anything we want; sleep, eat, watch movies, play games, eat some more, sleep some more, dance a little, anything!

No doubt, the best bedroom is a cosy bedroom. Cosiness and warmth just make every bedroom activity ten times more relaxing and who doesn’t like quality relaxation? Hence, in this article, we’ll be exploring some ways to add great warmth to your bedroom.

And of course, your bedroom is a personal space so you can decorate it any way you want. But it doesn’t hurt at all to also share with you our favourite décor recommendations to up the cosiness and comfort of your bedroom.

1. Add warm colours and natural materials

To achieve high warmth levels in your bedroom, go for a colour theme that is calm and soothing rather than bright pops of colour. A great choice is neutral tones on soft, sensuous textures. Warm yellows, muted reds, and rich browns. Taupes, beiges, and creams to even it all out.

Another way to go is to breathe new life into your room using plants. Plants have a dynamic way of softening the atmosphere in a room. Putting flora in your bedroom is also super beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Favourite vase recommendation: Ceramic Gunmetal Oval Vase with White Flowers

2. Add a rug

Some of the top interior designers in the world believe that when your feet first touch the floor after getting out of bed, it should be on a soft surface. Rugs are a cosiness staple in any room. Hence, lay a plush rug in your bedroom to give the space practical warmth while adding an extra oomph of texture. Go for small sheepskin rugs next to your bed or a larger woven floor covering to add extra warmth.

Favourite sheepskin rug recommendation: Cream Sheepskin Rug (Single)

Favourite woven rug recommendation: Multi-Coloured 'Dawlish' Bohemian Table Tufted Cotton Rug

3. Put in more than a few comfort pieces

There’s nothing like too many blankets. There’s nothing more inviting than a plush bed piled with pillows. So dress your bed with velvety linens, plenty of equally cute and comfy cushions, and then layer lots of sumptuous throws on your bed for some eye-catching dimension.

Also, for some added relaxation and comfort outside of your bed but still inside your room, you can place a puffy beanbag or two in the corner!

Favourite cushion recommendation: Ivory, Grey & Charcoal Aztec 'Arsanio' Cushion

Favourite throw recommendation: Modern Trellis Eco-Friendly Woven Indoor / Outdoor Throw

Favourite pouffe recommendation: Bohemian Design 'Boyce' Pouffe

4. Mix up your textures

While you want your textures to be as warm and calming as your colours, you also don’t want to overdo it. Varying and layering your textures is a complex art in itself, but there are a few easy tricks to help you get it right. Soften up metal and reflective surfaces with softer textures like wool, velvet, and even faux fur (e.g. velvet drapes over metal window grills). To maintain the goal of keeping things warm, mix linen, cotton, and wood pieces all around your room.

5. Light it up

Light is, no doubt, the ultimate warmth factor. You’ll need the right lighting to create the ambience you’re looking for. Avoid getting a harsh ceiling downlight that’ll beam uncomfortably on you while you’re in bed. The best way to go instead is to incorporate different sources of lighting to create an intimate mood. Think soft bedside lamps and strategically mounted ceiling lights.

Of course, the best light source will always be natural light. So ensure your bedroom has a window that can provide enough of that in the daytime.

Favourite bedside lamp recommendation: Abstract Pink And Cream Table Lamp With Pink Cotton Shade


Golden Tip: Make it Personal.


We 100% believe in the personal nature of a bedroom. It’s YOUR bedroom. And so there should be elements in it solely of your choosing and ultimately close to your heart. Hang up a few of your favourite trinkets, pictures, and memories to make your space feel special to you.
Favourite wall decoration recommendation: Birds On A Wire Wall Art