There’s a saying by German-born philologist, Max Muller, which goes “A flower cannot blossom without a vase, and a man cannot live without love.”

Okay, the actual saying is “a flower cannot blossom without sunshine”, but we do believe (and on good authority too) that a houseplant or flower cannot blossom without a vase.

From time immemorial, plants and flowers have been used to enhance décor by beautifying rooms and spaces. There’s an essence that is so lush about houseplants and there’s rarely anything in a home that can beat the loveliness of a flower—except a woman, of course.

Now, what’s the décor essential that’s intrinsically tied to flowers and plants?

It’s vases!

Vases are a must-have when looking to easily beautify your living space. They give your blooms and bouquets a concave little home of their own. They make it that much easier to water your plants, offer optimal support for your flowers, and keep your arrangements in place so that they stay looking attractive the entire time! Vases can also function independently as remarkable decorative pieces, you just have to get the right ones.

As there are so many different models and makes on the market to choose from, we’ve compiled this shortlist of the top 10 vases that will instantly become the favourite pieces for you and anyone else that steps into your home.

1. Ceramic Gunmetal Oval Vase with White Flowers

Only the most genius craftsman would have it in mind to create a flower vase with pretty little flowers engraved on it. Flowers inside flowers. Pure décor genius!

Arthur Cameron's Ceramic Gunmetal Oval Vase with White Flowers is elegant ornamentation at its finest. This vase is a firm favourite in our books. It instantly adds unparalleled glamour and style to any living space. Plus, it has the most eye-catching two-tone finish so your flowers aren’t going to be the only lovely thing on display.

2. Silver Luxe Textured Grey Branch Oval Vase

Once again with the twofold theme, this is a vase that gives you a little haven to place your plants into. Arthur Cameron's Silver Luxe Textured Grey Branch Oval vase has a silver tree branch embroidered into it, making it the perfect vase for your houseplants or any greens you wish to place in your home. The textured finish of the vase that sets the background of the tree branch gives it a highly natural look, making it excellent for a space with earthy themes.

3. HK Living Shell Vase

If you love the beach and also love to incorporate pieces that make your home feel like you’re living on the beach, then this vase is for you. The Shell Vase by Danish design-led label, HK Living, is a ceramic vase that comes in an earthy terracotta colour in homage to the natural coastline landscape. The brown hue of this vase also makes it easy to blend into any colour scheme or theme that you may have in your home.

4. Jesmonite Marble Planter/Storage Pot

Who says only flowers or plants have to go in vases? Arthur Cameron's Jesmonite Marble Planter/Storage Pot puts a clever twist on flower pots so that they can also be used as storage for other bits and pieces like candles, trinkets, and such. These planters/storage pots are made with sleek marble-like finishes and in the prettiest colours to give your home an instant shot of vibrancy wherever you place them. 

5. Gilded I-Scream Vase

If you love ice cream just as much as we do, then you’ll absolutely love this vase. The Gilded I-Scream Vase by premium homeware designer, Jonathan Adler, is a porcelain ode to everyone’s favourite handheld dessert. It will elicit joyful childhood memories whenever you look at it and it’s even finished with real gold for an extra luxurious sprinkle. Also, the piece gives off both chic and playful vibes. So if you have either going on in your home, this vase will fit right in.


6. Oslo Origami Kobe - Set of 4

The incorporation of Japanese origami into home décor is one of the most beautiful trends out there. The gorgeous Arthur Cameron Oslo Origami Kobe set of vases is made in four different styles that all imitate the geometric shapes of Japanese origami artwork. Of course, these vases aren’t made of paper (it’d be the funniest thing if they were!); they’re made with a blend of recycled wood and bioplastic made from corn which is equally and entirely biodegradable and sustainable.

This set is the perfect vase quad for your little succulent plants, then place them on the ledge of your kitchen window where they can get enough light and keep your kitchen looking fine and fresh—now that’s a décor idea!



7. The NU Vases

Ever heard of a mood vase? If you haven’t, then let’s introduce you to the Arthur Cameron NU Vases. They come in two kinds: the Modular NU Vase and the NU One Vase, both of which have 5 separate parts that you can mix and fix depending on your mood! Due to their colour schemes and shapes, they’re the perfect vases for dried flowers and make excellent standalone pieces too.

8. Clementina Orange Ceramic Vase

The Clementina Orange Ceramic Vase is a bright and bold orange vase from Oliver Bonas that easily creates an eye-popping display. The tall vase is embellished with a white botanical design set on a citrusy backdrop and will look absolutely stunning with monochrome flowers slotted into it.

9. Round Geo Hanging Planter

Ever imagined a world where plants could fly? As crazy as that might sound, it’s also one of the most unique and awe-inspiring concepts. And with the Round Geo Hanging Planter, you can easily incorporate this concept into your home. This stunning copper hanging planter with a cool blue ceramic vase is perfect for indoor-outdoor spaces like patios, terraces, balconies, etc. It’s also great for when you live in a home with kids or pets and you want to keep them out of harm’s way. Simply hang your plants from the ceiling!

10. Sunset Vase

Our last vase is a fun piece with a tame name. The Sunset Vases from Anthropologie are handcrafted glass vases that come in four different colours and sizes (white, maize yellow, pink, and turquoise) to fit any space and style. You’ll want to place bouquets that are as fresh and vibrant as these vases into them.