A sheepskin rug is a piece of delicate art that demands meticulous maintenance and care. If you own one of these gorgeous floor arts, you might have wondered how to keep it squeaky clean and fluffy without damaging the exquisite material.

 Should you vacuum the rug? Can you wash or dry clean the material? How do you keep it fluffy? ... at the end of this read, you will learn how to take utmost care of your sheepskin rug and get answers to all your pressing questions!


Care and Maintenance Tips for your Sheepskin Rug



 Brush with care

 A brush is a self-care tool for a sheepskin rug. Metal bristle brushes, in particular, come in handy. You can find and buy one in a pet shop or online. Brush the rug around once a week and shake it loose outside. This will eliminate lingering debris, loose wool and dirt from the rug. However, you shouldn't brush if it is a medical or baby fleece sheepskin.


Spot Clean as Soon as there's a Stain

 As soon as you notice a stain, get your cleaning essentials and get to work. However, taking off stains from your sheepskin rug depends on the type of stain; everyday stains, like non-acidic foods, are easy to clean once dry. Per contra, acidic foods like tomatoes and wine leave a lasting impact.

 They penetrate the wool and alter its colour. But the good news is that wool shampoo is effective against all kinds of stains. However, this method does not entirely eliminate the stain. Steer clear of bleach and all-purpose detergent as they cause more damage to your rug. 

You can also wet the spot with a clean cloth and sprinkle a tiny amount of corn starch onto the stain. The powder absorbs grease, oil, and dirt.


Air your Sheepskin Rug but Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat Sources

 It is always good to air dry your Sheepskin rug, especially after contact with water or moisture. But air dry in cool, shady areas where there is little to none sun. If you continuously expose your rug to direct sunlight, it may lose its colour and become discoloured.

 Hence, be careful where you position the rug in your home. Don't keep your sheepskin rug in the conservatory or near the window (where sunlight is sure to reach the delicate fabric).


 Wash the Rug when Necessary

 Sometimes, spot-cleaning stains or spillage produces undesired results. In this case, you can opt to machine-wash your sheepskin rug to eliminate the stubborn stain. First, brush the sheepskin rug from top to bottom. Then toss it in the washing machine and select wool cycle. Set the machine to a low temperature and spin.

 Alternatively, you can wash the rug in a bathtub. Fill your bath with lukewarm water and add a drop of sheepskin shampoo (some people swear by Johnson's baby shampoo). Next, throw in your sheepskin rug and give it a good swirl. Don't try to scrub the rug if you want to retain the rug's exquisite texture. Rinse the rug with clean water and dry it in a shaded area.

 Before you machine-wash or hand-wash your sheepskin rug, please note the product's care instructions. You can machine-wash some sheepskin rugs, but you can't do so with some others. Also, old sheepskin rugs cannot withstand a wash!

 When it comes to drying out your Sheepskin rug, make sure you avoid drying it on or near any heat source or in direct sunlight. You must drip dry your rug away from direct sunlight. Tumble drying, direct sunlight and drying over a heat source (e.g. radiator) can cause your rug to shrink and the suede to harden. If this were to happen the rug will become rigid and no longer be flat and flexible.


 Can You Vacuum a Sheepskin Rug?

 Vacuuming a sheepskin rug isn't a bad idea. Rug experts even recommend vacuuming sheepskin rugs regularly to retain their fresh look. Be that as it may, you should only use suction to vacuum your sheepskin rug.

 You can use an upholstery attachment if you can't disable your beater brush due to your machine's configuration. Additionally, it would be best to vacuum your sheepskin rug after spot-cleaning with corn starch to shake out the loose powder particles.



Can you Dry clean a Sheepskin rug?

 Yes, you can dry clean a sheepskin rug. Like Arthur Cameron's Teal Sheepskin Rug, dyed rugs are better dry-cleaned than hand or machine-washed. Hand or machine-washing can make dyed rugs lose their distinct colour. If you want to dry clean your sheepskin rug, enlist professional dry cleaners with a reputable track record. You don't want to give your prized sheepskin rug to random or amateur dry cleaners and have it damaged in the process.


 How do you make a Sheepskin rug Fluffy again?

 To restore your sheepskin's fluff, use a metal-bristled brush to fluff the rug lightly. Next, brush the rug with gentle care. The care and maintenance tips above also help restore and retain your rug's extra fluff.

 It is critical to steer your rug away from the sun's radiant rays, as direct sunlight exposure can dry out the natural material. And when this happens, it loses its fluff and softness. Also, try not to over-wash your rug. Only wash when necessary. Lastly, keep your rug away from moisture and dry with patience.

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