Animal-centred rugs have been at the fore of interior décor for aeons! They are comfy, stylish, and an all-around delight to have in your interior space. Animal rugs carved out of sheepskin are especially inviting, practical and comfy. So, if you are considering getting one for your interior corner but don’t have the slightest styling idea, then scroll down and learn a ton!

From the Floor to the Settee

Though rugs are traditionally meant for the floor, it wouldn’t hurt to stray from the usual and try something different but sensational! Consider draping your sheepskin rug over your settee for added comfort and a touch of elegance. The soft and plush texture isn’t just soothing to the skin but is a delight to the eyes as well.

Alternatively, you can bury your sheepskin rug under a cloud of pillows, but not so much as to conceal it's aesthetically-pleasing characteristics. Place your sheepskin rug on the settee and add a matching or contrasting pillow or two to synchronize the colours and texture. Best believe you won’t find a more appealing combination for your living room than this.

A Cosy Throw for Your Bedroom

Nothing compares to clean sheets and a soft throw after a long and exhausting day. And when it comes to soft and snuggly throws, sheepskin rugs are topping the list. Sheepskin rugs make a comfortable and inviting bed throw. They are easy on the eyes and provide all the warmth you need for a satisfying slumber. Not only does Sheepskin provide us with warmth but with its temperature regulating qualities it will adapt to keep you cool should you get too hot. 

Sheepskin rugs also have the inherent power to transform a basic-looking bedroom into a palatial haven. Even if your décor theme is downright minimalist, a simple sheepskin rug incorporated as a bed throw can add much-needed appeal and homeliness to your overall décor. It also blends perfectly in a bold and bright bedroom.

A must-have Bathroom Feature

The last thing you want on a cold, freezing day or night is to develop “cold feet”. As such, it is only wise to adopt sheepskin rugs in your bathroom. It makes the perfect bathroom mat and combines functionality with aesthetics to give you awesome value for your money. And don’t worry about the unsightly effects of dampness that are commonly associated with animal-oriented rugs.

Sheep are accustomed to rainy and cold British weather, so their skin isn’t prone to moisture-loving agents like Bacteria and Fungi. You only need to wash it regularly, and you are good to go. Go in with a white and soft sheepskin rug for a monochrome bathroom. And if your bathroom is pristine white, consider adding a pop of colour with a coloured sheepskin rug like this gorgeous navy blue sheepskin rug. Plus, sheepskin rugs can make a too-big bathroom feel smaller, and a too-small bathroom feels bigger without detracting from the aesthetic theme.

The Perfect Nursery or Playroom Addition

From a cosy reading corner to a beautiful spot on the floor, sheepskin rugs are the missing puzzle in a nursery or playroom. As opposed to sitting on the bare or hard floor, you can decorate your children’s room with a sheepskin rug so they can sit and read or get homework done before bed.

Sheepskin rugs in a child’s space are especially stimulating and refreshing. Throw in botanical décor, stuffed animals, and wall art, and we have a room that stimulates creativity and imagination — two factors that are needed for well-rounded and transformational child development and growth.

Create a Luxurious yet Inexpensive Layer

One way to amplify the beauty of an existing rug and upgrade the look and feel of a room is to add a small sheepskin rug to a larger rug. Layering large rugs with sheepskin rugs is an interior decorating secret that designers leverage to transform a room.

So, if your living room rug is a bit basic, but you can’t bring yourself to ditch it, consider getting a small-sized sheepskin rug to enhance its beauty. This is also an affordable and cost-effective décor hack as you don’t have to buy another large and expensive rug. Simply purchase a small sheepskin rug at no extra cost.

Other Styling Applications

Besides the above-mentioned styling applications, you can also style your sheepskin rug in the following ways:

Your pet could use a plush and comfortable sheepskin rug as opposed to their other boring accessories. Lay a sheepskin rug for your pet in their lounge spot for added comfort. Your dining chairs aren’t as dull-looking as you think; try draping a sheepskin rug over one of the chairs, and the immediate transformation will leave you wowed and breathless!

You can use sheepskin rugs to conceal obvious defects and simultaneously introduce elegance to your space.

There you have it! You can put your sheepskin rug to maximum decorative use by adopting the above-mentioned styling hacks and tips. And remember to stop by at for an incredible collection of sheepskin rugs in all shapes, colours, and sizes!