Sometimes, the perfect piece of accent furniture is all it takes to level up your home décor from good to amazing. However, it’s not always easy to think of creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to incorporate things like pouffes, tables, benches, or other accent pieces. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to use accent furniture to spruce up your space, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover the top five trendiest ways to use pouffes and benches around the house.

First and foremost, What is Accent Furniture?

Accent furniture includes any piece of furniture that provides contrast in your room and stands out against the rest of the furniture and décor that you have selected for your space. This can include something with a bold colour, design, or even a piece that is made with unconventional materials. For example, if your room is primarily decorated with neutral tones, you can spice it up with a pop of colour or a contrasting wood tone. As with all furniture, you will get the most value out of your accent pieces if they are as useful as they are beautiful.

Benches or Chests in the Hallway

The décor that you select for your hallway is what guests will be greeted with upon entering your home. For that reason, the pieces that you choose can set the mood for the rest of the décor throughout your house. One way to promote a welcoming hallway that will help your guests feel right at home is by including a bench or chest near your front door. This can help set the tone for your hallway and give it the edge it needs to take your décor to the next level. Apart from being an impressive and beautiful addition to your furniture collection, a bench or chest is the perfect place for guests to be seated while they remove their shoes or get settled in. You can make your bench or chest more comfortable for sitting by adding cushions or a decorative throw blanket. Look for a bench with storage options so you can get the most value out of your accent piece and help you eliminate clutter in the entryway.

Pouffes in the Living Room

Pouffes or beanbags are some of the most versatile pieces of accent furniture that you will find on the market. These can add a gorgeous pop of colour, texture or an appealing design to your room while doubling as additional seating or footrests. One great thing about pouffes is that you can find them in any shape or size, including round, square, or rectangular. The possibilities are endless! One fun way to use pouffes as décor is to find a large, rectangular-sized pouffe that can be used as a centre table for your living room. Another adorable way to feature these versatile accent pieces is by stacking up some cube-shaped pouffes along a wall which can be used as additional seating for when guests come to visit. No matter how you plan on using pouffes throughout your home, there’s no question that these multi-purpose pieces of accent furniture can take any living room or lounge area to the next level.

Hallway tables

Adding some small tables is one of the most effective ways to include accent pieces in your home décor. You can add accent tables in virtually any room throughout your home, including bathrooms, dining areas, and living rooms. The décor you choose for your hallway will be the first thing that guests see upon entering and can set the tone for the rest of the rooms in your home. That’s why it’s so important to carefully choose the décor that you present in your hallway. Select a table that has some bold, unique features for the most effective piece. This could mean choosing something that is painted with a bold colour or is made from unconventional materials. You can find all sorts of different styles of accent tables that can take your hallway to a new level of décor. While many pieces of accent furniture can enhance the appearance of your home décor by blending in, you should try to choose an accent table that stands out.

Add Some Chairs or Benches to Your Living Room

One piece of accent furniture that often goes overlooked is chairs and seating. These are amazing because they add utility as well as flair to whatever room you’re looking to spruce up. Adding some spectacular seating can be all a room needs to upgrade your décor. To find the perfect chair or bench for your aesthetic, look for something unique in design, features incredible upholstery, or has a vivacious colour that you adore. Don’t worry too much about seamlessly matching the chair to the rest of your furniture, accent pieces were meant to stand out. The more unique your accent chair or bench is from the rest of your furniture, the more effective it can be when it comes to putting the cherry on top of a great room. You can even mix different styles of furniture. For instance, if the majority of your furniture is mid-century modern, try bringing in a more traditional accent chair or bench into the mix. The results might just amaze you!

Include Some Large Statement Pieces

Large statement pieces might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of accent furniture, but they can be extremely effective when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your home décor. Whether this means including an armoire, a sideboard cabinet, or even something antique is completely up to you. If you’ve already started decorating with accent furniture but you still feel like you’re missing something, a large piece of accent furniture could be the finishing touch that you need to complete a room. One tip is to include large, neutral pieces to complete a busy room. Although it is common to envision bold, eclectic pieces while looking for accent furniture, neutral tones can stand out all on their own, especially when it comes to larger statement pieces.