Before you get into a refinishing frenzy, consider the transformational potential of a table lamp. The best table lamps are more than just light sources — they're artful accents that can help define a room's mood and style. Whether you're looking for a contemporary-inspired lamp or something more vintage here're 10 of our favourite options under £50. These stylish and functional table lamps can make your living room feel homier or your bedroom feels less like a cave. A suitable table lamp can even give your workspace an extra boost of productivity!

Here are our top 10 picks for table lamps under £50!

1. Abstract Pink and Cream Table Lamp

For a contemporary take on neutral modern living space. Jenn of Arthur Cameron also recommends this Abstract Table Lamp with Pink Cotton Shade that features an "art style ceramic base in a gloss cream and blush pink glaze." This lamp can be used as an accent piece or placed next to your bedside table for reading. The light will create a warm glow, adding to the ambience of any room. This humble lamp will only set you back £36!

2. John Lewis & Partners Cara 2 Set of Glass Touch Table Lamps

These charming little Cara bedside lamps from John Lewis and Partners have a slender profile and a stylish pleated shade. It makes them both decorative and discreet on a bedside table. These lamps are part of the Anyday range, come in pairs, and have chrome bases that include touch functionality. The design is innovative and understated, with the benefit of compact size. It'll fit on almost any table and at a reasonable price of £50. The translucent glass diffuses the ambience to give a soft glow and removes the risk of blinding yourself if you're working late into the night.

3. Leaf Print Table Lamp

This Leaf Print table lamp balances timeless design elements like ceramic cream detailing and a beige linen shade known for, such as rich, punchy colours and a playful sense of proportion. Allow this lamp to add just the right amount of texture, charm, and subtle Spring vitality that can elevate any home. The ceramic cream base adds visual contrast with its patterning while also tying in well with the rest of the room's furnishings. All of this for a generous £27.

4. ELINKUME Dimmable LED Robot Table Lamp

In a creative foldable design like a robot, this Elinkime lamp is perfect for a kid's room. Nevertheless, it's a go-to affordable piece for a fun workspace for grown-ups, costing only £24.27. I'm forever coming back to pure, fun designs as a designer. You can put different shapes based on your needs, and these spheres make for a well-proportioned base. Plus, it's also a perfect decoration for bedroom, living room, study or office.

5. Spiral Dimmable LED Table Lamp

This creative spiral piece fits the bill if you're looking for the perfect table lamp for your office, bedside, or nightlight in your bedroom. This elegant but contemporary spiral-inspired table lamp is an affordable way to bring minimalist style into your home. It's subtle but pretty, and the charming lamp's spiral shape will blend in wherever you set it. RRP £22.99.

6. Moroccan Ceramic Lamp

This gorgeous Moroccan-inspired lamp features a beautiful stacked pebble stand, and intricate detailing on its shade, adding instant glamour to any space! The off-white-red-beige background with a cream stone effect crosshatched design adds a pop of colour to your décor. The price tag is also under £50 coming in at just £17, so it won't break the bank either!

7. Anyday Table Lamp

We'd happily plugin this pretty Harry Table Lamp from Anyday at John Lewis. The steel accents make it stand out, and given that it's a simple and minimalist design. Nevertheless, it still adds extra visual interest. It is also perfected for your bedside table. It takes very little space and packs a serious punch when providing light. This vibrant lamp retails at £30.

8. Anika 62480 Hurricane Table Lamp

This Amazon choice is one of the most popular products purchased by our readers in 2022, costing just £19.99. Its lovely antique-look lamp comes with a clear glass shade and a bronze finish base to fit any room décor style! It turns on simply by touching the ground and can be made dimmable - low, medium, and high. The Ankia table lamp's versatile design makes it perfect for any space, whether in your bedroom or living room!

9. LED Wood Table Lamp

If you like the look of the task lamp but want something compact and affordable, consider this one from Amazon. Jenn also recommends it for its practicality and affordability, retailing at £25.49. This small LED wood lamp is perfect for reading or working at your desk. It gives plenty of light while adjusting to the position you need most! It has a modern design that will go with any décor style!

10. Textured Dark Grey Table Lamp

We love this lamp's textured concrete finish and grey linen shade, and the warm light it emits makes it ideal for creating atmospheric evening lighting. Remarkably affordable for a ceramic table lamp, costing a mere £18, it's light, compact and versatile enough to fit on most bedside tables. It has a contemporary design that'll suit a variety of schemes.

Tips on How to Choose a Table Lamp

While choosing the best bedside lamp should ultimately be dictated by individual preference, a few general tips are worth following when choosing your light.

Style and shape

Generally speaking, you want to choose a style of lamp that suits your room and your taste. There are several styles and shapes available, so there's something for everyone!

A contemporary look with a modern twist is always a good idea if you want something timeless. If you prefer something more unusual or original, opt for something quirky or unique – as long as it still fits in with your overall décor scheme!

Colour scheme

The colour scheme in your bedroom is essential when choosing bedside lamps because it can hugely impact how the light looks and feels in the room. For example, bright white light can make an otherwise dark room feel even darker (and vice versa). So choose your lamps carefully according to what suits your home best and what will suit your needs at night!