Summer is a wonderful time of year that brings with it an opportunity to add some life and colour throughout your home. Featuring nature-inspired décor and colourful prints or patterns is a great way to spice up your interior for the summer. Doing a bit of redecorating throughout your home during summer time is the perfect way to incorporate some of the good vibes that come along with the sunshine months. If you’re looking for some new, fresh, and creative ways to add life to your interior, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover 5 of the most effective ways to brighten up your home this summer.

  1. Add Accent Furniture

Including some colourful accent furniture throughout your home can be an incredible way to brighten up your interior this summer. Accent furniture includes any piece of furniture that stands out against the general theme of your other furniture and décor. The perfect accent pieces will add contrast and dimension to your home’s décor. Finding a colourful bench, pouffe, or chair can be all you need to brighten up your home this summer.

Another way that you can incorporate accent furniture into your space this summer is by including accent tables. You can seamlessly add an accent table in almost every room throughout your home including hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. Accent tables are great because they add dimension to your home while providing an additional space to include some of your favourite décor pieces.

Adding a colourful bench or chest is also a great way to include a pop of life in your summer décor. These can be multifaceted and used for additional storage or seating as well as a great décor piece. Dress up your benches or chests with some throw blankets or accent pillows for an additional pop of colour.

  1. Bring Some Plants Indoors

One of the most refreshing ways to freshen up your home for the summer is to bring some nature indoors. Including live botanicals and flowers throughout your home can add a touch of summer vitality to your home without having to make any dramatic changes to the surrounding décor. Some of the best indoor plants to add to your home this summer are air plants, citrus trees, and potted flowers such as lavender, jasmine, begonias, and orchids. However, the options for indoor botanicals are virtually endless. Make sure to read the care instructions for your indoor plants carefully so that you can provide the most ideal growing conditions. This is especially important if you are new to caring for plants.

If you don’t have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants, no need to worry! You can also incorporate faux plants throughout your home such as vines, trees, and even flowers. Most of the time, your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference between a faux plant and the real thing. Including faux plants in your home can be an incredible way to jazz up hard to reach areas in your home. These plants can add a beautiful breath of life and do not require any maintenance, aside from an occasional dusting.

  1. Include Unique Artwork

It’s never a bad idea to add some unique pieces of artwork to add to your collection. Displaying artwork throughout your home is a wonderful way to express yourself through decorating. Whether you are looking to include a painting, sculpture, or other decorative artefact, finding the perfect art piece is one of the best ways to brighten up your home this summer.

Including hanging art pieces on your walls such as paintings, murals, or hanging sculptures is a great way to add a pop of colour to your décor this summer. To find the perfect piece of art that speaks to your unique style and personality, you can look for some large abstract paintings, medium sized landscapes, or small paintings of colourful botanicals. Sometimes all you need to tie all of your décor together is the perfect piece of artwork.

  1. Incorporate Colourful Décor

Summer décor traditionally features bold colours and creative patterns and designs. Some of the most popular patterns to include in your home during the summer months are botanical or floral designs. These can add a pop of colour to your area and liven up your interior area.

You can add a patterned tablecloth, some bold coloured throw pillows, or even incorporate some funky vases or other trinkets. Another exciting way to brighten up your interior is by adding some bright coloured rugs throughout your home. The summer months are the perfect time to switch up your interior décor and add new life to your space.

  1. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

One of the most effective ways to bring the summer setting indoors is to make the most of your natural lighting and windows. The windows in your home provide a glimpse into the outside world. What you see on the other side of those windows can make or break your summer décor. To add a pop of colour that you can enjoy from inside your home, try adding a hummingbird feeder right outside of your window. You can also add pollinator-friendly plants outside your windows such as lavender, milkweed, and rosemary. These will attract colourful butterflies that will enchant you and keep you entertained all summer long.

Embracing the natural lighting that shines through your home in the summer months can add a rejuvenating effect to both yourself and your décor. Make the most of your natural lighting by placing plants nearby to benefit from the glorious sunshine that comes through. However, it is important to pay attention to the care requirements of you plant when it comes to sunlight. You should only place a plant in the windowsill all day long if it requires full sun. If your plant needs partial sun or partial shade, you may need to move it around depending on the day.