There are "good cushions", and there are "fantastic cushions". The former offers the ordinary while the latter delivers the extraordinary. However, finding great cushions with excellent value for money isn't child play. Hence, we've taken it upon ourselves to single out the best of the bunch.

 Why you should Choose Extraordinary Cushions

 Your living room will exude refined elegance and beauty with a stellar-quality cushion. Fantastic cushions combine serviceability with aesthetics for a well-rounded cushion experience. They incorporate colour, texture and style into your living space. These cushions provide cost-effective interior renovation. They introduce a fresh vibe to a worn-out living room at no extra cost. So, you can remodel your existing interior by adding good-quality cushions here and there.

 Explore a delectable collection of Arthur Cameron's favourite cushions, from subtle designs to bolder ones!


Our Top 10 Picks

  1. Modern Trellis Eco-Friendly Woven Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

The Trellis cushion is one for the books! It boasts an understated yet elegant design that will make any space look like a million bucks. The design is modern, trendy and fresh. An eco-friendly advocate, the cushion is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Plus, it is resistant to dust mites, stains, moths, mould and mildew. Lastly, the fabulous colour won't fade or wear off with time as it is UV stable. The modern Trellis cushion deserves a spot in every interior and exterior space.


  1. Bella Freud 1970 Cushion

A signature cushion in all ramifications, the Bella Freud cushion pays fashionable homage to the 1970 design. It stands out amongst others, thanks to the conspicuous 1970 trademark design. It will instantly brighten up your space and infuse warmth into your décor.



  1. Ivory and Blue Patterned "Wotton" Cushion

Arthur Cameron's Wotton cushion is one of the prettiest cushions out there. The meticulous craftsmanship is stunning at best. The Wotton cushion is made of wool and cotton and hand-stitched with love by seasoned craftsmen. It scores high points for durability, practicality and aesthetics.


  1. Made 'Salo' Embroidered Face Cushion

Customized to perfection and bolder than any cushion you've ever seen, the Salo face cushion brings art to the surface. It is the go-to cushion for expressive individuals looking to inject some personality into their décor. It is most fitting for neutral sofas, adorned with warm, bright colours and a dose of creativity!




  1. Taupe and Grey Textured 'Furley' Cushion

The Furley cushion is entirely handwoven from pure cotton. The colour patterns are a beauty to behold. The cushion displays a subtle potpourri of taupe, blue and grey colours. The multiple colours complement just about any décor and colour theme. Talk about versatility! Though the design is deceptively simple, it adds unimaginable character and charm to a space. Most of all, it pairs well with Scandinavian and neutral interiors.


  1. Ferm Living Loop Cushion

The Ferm Living Loop Cushion is specially designed for fans of simple and neutral cushion designs. You can trust the simplicity of the cushion to downplay an overly bright or designed room. So, if your space "feels too much", you can tone down the colours and textures with this perfect cushion. The cushion is crafted out of 100% New Zealand wool and incorporates landscape art for what it is worth.



  1. Modern Diamond Eco-Friendly Woven Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

In a word, Arthur Cameron's diamond range of cushions is exceptional! The designs are here to stay and will never go out of style. But beyond its irresistible design, the diamond cushion boasts unparalleled durability and serviceability. It is resistant to stains, dust mites, moths, mould and mildew. Also, it is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles, so you don't have to worry about environmental pollution.


  1. Urban Outfitters Rumi Tufted Throw Cushion

Cosy and furnished with an intricate pattern, the Urban Outfitters Rumi Tufted Throw cushion is everything a Boho-themed cushion should be. You can never go wrong with this cushion. The Boho cushion is a classic for days, and your bed or sofa will look more appealing with one of these cushions. With the recent craze for Boho-themed decors, you might do well to grab this Boho cushion!


  1. Gucci Floral and GG-Jacquard Cushion

Vintage florals combined with the signature Gucci logo are anything but sensational! It is no wonder that the Gucci Floral and GG-Jacquard cushion is flying off the shelves. The hallmark of this cushion is its two-sided design. Thus, you can switch between the green tartan back panel and the burgundy Logo pattern. Plus, the added black tassels make the design even more enjoyable!


  1. House of Hackney Saber Velvet Cushion

When it comes to animal-centred velvet cushions, House of Hackney's Saber Velvet Cushion is a force to be reckoned with. Furnished with a Tibetan-inspired saber motif, the cushion speaks class and elegance. The gold and black colour combinations and tassels take luxury to another level!