In our opinion, laundry days should have some sort of celebration. Like a public holiday once a month. Or a week-long festival once a year.

Yes! Laundry days are indeed that special because nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that the sight of clean, fresh clothes and empty laundry baskets elicits. Plus, a laundry day is a great way to relieve stress.

Now, are you starting to see why we think these days should be celebrated?

Of course, you can’t begin a good laundry day without good laundry baskets. So in this article, we’ll be taking a look at our top 10 favourite laundry baskets to make your laundry routines that much easier. Before we jump into the baskets, here are a few points to help you choose the right laundry baskets for you and your home. Consider:

  • how much space you have for laundry baskets: This will help you to know what size of baskets to get.
  • how much laundry your household generates: small laundry baskets are perfect if you live alone, but a family of four or more will certainly need larger units.
  • where you want to place your laundry basket(s): for instance, if the baskets are to go in a round corner of your room, then a round-shaped basket will fit the space best. If the baskets are to go in a 45° corner, then rectangular or square-shaped baskets are the one.

Now, here are our favourite laundry baskets.

1. Arthur Cameron Wicker Laundry Basket


There’s nothing more unsightly and stress-inducing than dirty laundry. Airing your dirty laundry shouldn’t just be a taboo in public, it should be a taboo everywhere. The Arthur Cameron natural Wicker Laundry Basket with a lid is the perfect tool to keep all your laundry out of sight and out of mind (until laundry day, of course!)

It is a lightweight basket but still big enough to carry lots of laundry. It comes in both medium and large sizes so you can choose a basket that will fit into your space best. It also comes with a hinged lid for quick, non-fuss opening or closing. Lastly, the baskets are available in a beautiful range of colours (Wash White, Natural Wash, Distilled Brown, and Dark Grey). Hide your dirty clothes in them and they’ll instantly turn into a pretty, décor sight.

2. Pendeen Cabinet Laundry Bin by Rebrilliant


Sleek and sturdy is the name of the game with Rebrilliant’s Pendeen Cabinet Laundry Bin. The brand took a different route from popular wicker, rattan, and cloth baskets to create this smooth wooden laundry bin. The unit is super sleek and stylish, making it an easy fit in the décor of any bedroom or bathroom. It also comes with a hinged lid and can serve dual purposes as a storage box for towels, linens, children’s toys, etc.

Want to know the best part? Because it is smooth, the wood is super easy to wipe clean!

3. IKEA Torkis Laundry Basket


If you’re worried about laundry basket prices, then don’t because IKEA’s got you covered. The Torkis Laundry Basket is an extremely roomy unit with no frills or fuss but it gets the job done right, so what else do you need? It is a cloth laundry basket with a steel frame, Velcro lid flap, and two compartments for those of us that like to sort our laundry. Its polyester material will not absorb moisture or odours from your laundry or environment, so it’s a great choice for bathrooms that gets especially humid.

4. Wenko Escala Laundry Basket


If practicality is what you prefer in your home pieces, then this is the laundry basket for you. Yes, you might have to pay a few extra pounds for it, but this is a laundry basket that will undoubtedly make your life easier so the price is worth it. The Wenko Escala Laundry Basket comes with wheels and three large compartments that enable you to sort your clothes and move your laundry around with ease. Obviously, this is every mum’s favourite.

5. Arthur Cameron Wicker Laundry Basket Bundle


In this bundle from Arthur Cameron, you get: 1 Large Laundry Basket, 1 Medium Laundry Basket, and 6 Small Wicker Trays. This laundry basket bundle is perfect for families that produce large amounts of laundry. The bundles come in four colours you can choose from: Wash White, Natural Wash, Distilled Brown, and Dark Grey. And because it’s a bundle, of course you get the baskets at a highly discounted price!

6. Robert Dyas Curver My Style Laundry Basket


This unit is an OG-style laundry basket. Remember those plastic, perforated laundry baskets our mums would carry against their hips back in the day? Robert Dyas has brought them back to you so you can add a sprinkle of nostalgia for your childhood into your laundry days. The Curver My Style basket is big, spacious, and well-ventilated; a great laundry basket with a great price to boot. Plus, it has four handles so you can lift it in a manner that’s most comfortable for you.

7. Addis Faux Rattan 50 Litre Laundry Bin


This is another very practical laundry bin on our list. It has a large 50-litre capacity, making it a great choice for big families to help manage the never-ending flow of washing. It has a sophisticated rattan weave design and a hinged lid for easy access. The lid also helps keep any laundry smells locked away while the holes allow for sufficient ventilation.

8. Animal Laundry Storage Baskets from Stackers


Now, here’s something for the kids. This is Stackers’ range of fun, animal-themed laundry baskets that your children will absolutely love. The baskets are made with flexible felt and can easily be carried around or transported if needed. There are the Lola Unicorn, Chloe Cat, Edward Elephant, Troy Triceratops, Mark Shark, Terry T-Rex, and Bertie Bear Laundry Baskets. Any one of these baskets will look endearingly cute in your kids’ rooms and you can also use the baskets to store their toys.

9. Country Club Round Bamboo Laundry Hamper


This is a traditional country club-style laundry hamper. It comes with a pot-like lid and rope-style handles, giving off a very homey vibe. It is lightweight and made from eco-friendly natural bamboo. One nifty thing about this laundry hamper is the removable polyester lining on the inside which you can take out when transporting clothes to your washing machine. So basically, you’re getting a 2-in-1!

10. Lifewit 72l Freestanding Hamper


We all love a product with excellent utility. The Lifewit 72l Freestanding Hamper is a super portable laundry hamper. It is made with waterproof TC fabric and long handles so it is exceedingly easy to collapse or carry or both. The hamper is very spacious so you can store away lots of clothes until you’re ready for laundry day. It’s also really affordable too.