Elegance and home décor are two things that are never far apart. Yes, every homeowner prefers a different vibe when it comes to decorating their home. Nonetheless, if your cup of tea is an air of elegance within your home, there are specific ways to achieve this. One of the top ways is by using candlesticks in your décor.

Placing a candlestick (or five) on your dining table, coffee table, mantle piece, or any other fitting surface is an ornamental antiquity that gives your space an instant boost of elegance like nothing else. Besides the warmth and ambience that they set, candles and candlesticks are also to be desired for several reasons. Many people love to light candles in their homes for their delectable scents. Others like to have them on hand for special candlelit dinners or luxurious baths. For some people, candlesticks simply fit right into the decorative flow of their homes.

If you’re looking to get some candlesticks for your home, it’s best to pick out something unique. There are so many options to choose from, so you’ll want to go for pieces that will wow every person that steps into your home. Thus, here are our top 10 unique candlesticks that will set your home apart with dazzle and decorative distinction.

1. Jesmonite Marble Candlestick Holder

Nothing screams sleek and elegant like marble. The Jesmonite Marble Candlestick Holders are made with gorgeous two-tone marble finishes. Slide a candle into any one of these marble candlesticks and all eyes are going to be on wherever you place these unique little candle holders.

The Jesmonite Marble Candlesticks come in both circular and hexagon shapes and are available in 6 colours, so you get to choose which candlesticks suit the colour and shape themes of your home décor best.

2. Design House Stockholm - Nordic Light Candlestick

The more dramatic siblings of candlesticks, candelabras are also very much in style today. This multi-candled candelabra by Design House Stockholm is going to be one of the most standout pieces within your home. It is a light-coloured wooden candelabra with 4 moveable arms that form the pièce de résistance of this candelabra. It is a little bit on the pricey side, but it is the perfect décor piece for an instant shot of modern elegance. Plus, we’re talking about “unique” candlesticks here; the Design House Stockholm - Nordic Light Candlestick is just what your home needs when a single-stemmed candlestick just won’t do for the level of sleek drama you’re looking for.



3. Arthur Cameron Aluminium Silver Slimline Candle Stick Holder

These hourglass-shaped candlesticks give off a flawless “sleek and elegant” vibe. Handmade beautifully with cast aluminium and the ultimate precision, the detail in these candlesticks make them superbly eye-catching. Anyone that sees them can’t help but compliment them. The Aluminium Silver Slimline Candle Stick Holder will fit seamlessly into any space with themes of dark metals, sleek shapes, and cool tones.

These candlesticks come in 3 sizes: small (19.5cm), medium (22.5cm), and large (27cm). Shop the look.

4. Floral Candlesticks from ReFound Objects

The details on these Floral Candlesticks from ReFound Objects are simply remarkable. Designed like ancient flower gardens set into iron, these delicate yet sturdy candlesticks are excellent items to decorate your dinner tables with. They come in both single-stem candlesticks and five-arm candelabras, both in two colours—leafy green or verdigris cream.

5. Arthur Cameron Wooden Candle Stick Holder

Seeing as the very first candlesticks were made out of wood, these wooden candlestick holders are perfect if you want to give your home an old-timey vibe. Handcrafted with both wood and aluminium parts, these candles are highly suitable for smooth and structural themes. They give off the perfect “back to basics” vibe and will make the perfect central pieces on mantles and shelves.

These candlesticks come in 3 sizes: small (28cm), medium (33cm), and large (38cm).

6. Anna + Nina Salty Glass Candle Holder

Carved carefully and purely out of glass, the Anna + Nina's Salty candle holder is a sleek, modern take on classic candlesticks. Anna + Nina took the vintage-style silhouette of candlesticks with ridged details and modernised it in ever-so-subtle pastel hues. These glass candle holders make the perfect candlesticks for a romantic, candlelit evening or a minimalistic-themed space.



7. Ian Snow Multi-coloured Glass Bead Candlestick

This Glass Bead Candlestick by Ian Snow is literal fire! The burnt orange hues used to craft this radiant candlestick will instantly set any room alight (even without a candle!). Crafted using hand-cast enamelled metal and moulded orange, amber, pink, aqua and lavender glass beads, this colourful candlestick will add a magical quality to your space once you light it up. We recommend that you buy it in a pair as these jewel-like candlesticks will look exceedingly stunning when left empty on top of a mantelpiece or coffee table.



8. Evoqua Candles from Arthur Cameron

If you haven’t hopped on the scented candle train yet, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the best introduction to the world of burning scents, then Evoqua Candles are just perfect for you. From their beautiful packaging to their amazing essential oil fragrances, these candles will have you floating in scent heaven right from light up. What’s even more incredible about these candles is that the longer you burn them, the stronger their fragrances become!



The Evoqua Candles come in a range of fragrances that make it hard to pick just one favourite. The bestselling fragrances on our website include:

  • Evoqua Vetiver, Ginger, Black Pepper Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Vetiver, Jasmine & Cedarwood Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Frankincense, Amber, Cedarwood Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Medium Candle,
  • Evoqua Geranium, Lavender, Tea Tree Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Lavender, Clary Sage, Chamomile, Bergamot Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mint Medium Candle.
  • Evoqua Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Lavender Medium Candle
  • Evoqua Rosemary Medium Candle.

Our Evoqua Candles also come in the most wonderful 3 Piece Gift Sets that can be used as lovely presents for those that are dear to your heart.

9. The Shell Candle from Summer Morning Studios

We know we spoke about candles and candlesticks being the perfect décor ingredient for elegance. But the thing about there being so candle options to choose from is that there’s always going to be a candle for whatever purpose you have in mind. So if what you need is a candle that gives off a more playful, summery vibe, The Shell Candles from Summer Morning Studios will be right up your street.

The Shell Candles are exactly what they sound like—pretty clam shell-shaped candles that come in a variety of bright, summer colours: pink, lilac, green, orange, cream, red, and blue. The candles are hand-crafted in Edinburgh using sustainably sourced soy wax and are totally free from phthalates and paraffin.

10. Doris Candle from Nata Concept Store

The Doris Candles are the cutest things you’ll see every day! They are handmade column-shaped candles made of the luscious essential oil scents of jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom. Inspired by the ancient Roman and Greek columns, the Doris Candles come in an array of pastels and are another way to add a pop of fun, summery colour to any space in your home.

The candles are made from environmentally friendly soy wax. They are also vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and the dyes used in them are non-toxic and eco-friendly.